Film Gotland

Welcome to Gotland. The home of Ingmar Bergman. This is the location for your next big project or the place where you learn the art of film making in a unique production environment. Welcome!



The regional film fund invests in co-production of feature film, drama series and documentaries. Since 2007 the fund has invested in more than 20 productions screened both in Scandinavia and on global markets.

Film Commission

Let us help you discover Gotland! A small island of limestone that provides a wide range of locations. The most beautiful beaches in the world (truly!), a medieval city with ancient ruins and limestone monoliths that look as they are on another planet. We offer a safe and quiet place to work with professional productions service companies and skilled craftsmen.

Film education

Write your next screenplay with the help of Hollywood screenwriting gurus! Learn the art of filmmaking in a professional studio environment by producing a real drama series. Do so at the Gotland Film Academy and the educations Story & Film Crew.

Talent development

Evolve as a filmmaker on historical ground with the help of  our talent programs! We host the talent week on Fårö and we provide a one year training program for those that would like to take the first step towards a career in the film industry.