Film Commission

The way in for film production in need of contacts, locations, permits, technique or film crew,


Film Commission

The Gotland Film Commission is funded by the municipality of Gotland. Its purpose is to provide assistance to productions that have the ambition to produce feature films or drama series on the island of Gotland. We provide guiding and assistance in finding proper crew, great locations, shooting permits or film tech. We welcome any kind of questions!

Sound stage & film tech

Gotland has one of the largest sound stages in the country. It is situated on the north part of the island and has since the shift of the millennium been the production place of feature films, drama series and commercials. On site we also have a large assortment of film tech of all kinds. Please get in touch if you would like to know more!

Service and crew

Despite Gotland being a small place there are both production service companies and quite a few film workers living and working on the island. Local film workers and companies know the needs of international production and are also backed up by a region with the ambition to be one of the most attractive locations in the northern parts of Europe.

Film Commissioner
Ville Jegerhjelm
+46 70 4217590