Studio & film tech

Film Gotland is an umbrella for different film related activities such as film production, film education and studio rental. We aim to be a resource for those that would like to produce on Gotland. Regardless of format or budget. We can facilitate the young aspiring film maker that makes her first film and the seasoned pro who makes his fifth feature. We provide all kinds of equipment. From light semi-pro stuff to cine cameras and heavy duty studio equipment.

Ville Jegerhjelm
+46 737 658052

The sound stage

Our sound stage Kustateljén is located on the north part of the island. It is one of the largest studios in the country. The entire building is 3360 square meters and holds a sound stage of 1080 square meters, carpentry, offices, techrooms and more.

Films produced in the studio
-Lilla Jönssonligan på kollo
-Rosa the movie
-Främmande fågel
-Kameleontens hämnd – LasseMajas detektivbyrå
-Kvarteret Skatan flyttar till Laholm.
-Andra sidan

Film tech

Film Gotland can provide lightweight equipment for documentary film making and feature film production. We can provide sound, lights, grip, editing suites and much more. We also cooperate with Ljud & Bildmedia, one of the largest rental companies  in the country.

Examples of  tech that we can provide:
• Arri Alexa
• Red One
• Sony primes & Super Baltar lenses
• Sound devices 552 & Zoom H4 field recorders
• Led Lite panels
• HMI light
• Sails
• Flags