Call for entries! After Bergman 2020
-screenwriting grant  for nordic filmmakers

AFTER BERGMAN is a screenplay grant for Nordic scriptwriters and filmmakers based in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland. The grant is a residency at the Bergman Estate on Fårö island. A script coach will be provided during the residency. Accepted formats are feature films and drama series.

The grant is meant to support a scriptwriter/filmmaker whose screenplay is inspired by Ingmar Bergmans’ body of work and style. The winner will be announced at the Bergman Week 2020 on Fårö, Sweden.
Deadline: April  1 2020.

Application documents:
Documents can be in either Swedish or English
– Treatment/outline, maximum 10 pages
– Resumé on both filmmaker & producer. Producer has produced one feature film or  drama series.
-Screenplay (only episode 1 is required for drama series)
-Links to productions. Sequences not over 15 minutes in length
-Timeframe and project budget.
Application has to be in  pdf-format and sent digitally to: [email protected]